Ambassador in the saddle

Experience the concentrated energy of cycling enthusiasts who passionately form the 3RIDES team. Eight riders represent the vibes of the 3RIDES. They compete in numerous UCI races on road bikes and gravel bikes.

We were able to win Stefan Kirchmair as coach - UCI Gran Fondo World Champion 2022 and reigning UEC Gran Fondo European Champion.

Follow their journey, experience their stories and be inspired by their passion for cycling.

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3RIDES Team race dates

12.05.2024 3RIDES Gran Fondo, Aachen, Germany
25.05.2024 Schleck Gran Fondo, Bad Mondorf, Luxembourg
01.09.2024 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, Aalborg, Denmark

28.04.2024 Gravel Fondo Limburg, Valkenburg, Netherlands
12.05.2024 3RIDES Gravel Race, Aachen, Germany
30.06.2024 Hegau Gravel Festival, Singen, Germany
13.07.2024 Gravel One Fifty, Roden, Netherlands
24.08.2024 Houffa Gravel, Houffalize, Belgium
06.10.2024 UCI Gravel World Championship, Leuven, Belgium

Spotlight: Get to know our drivers!

Manuela Freund

Name: Manuela Freund
Place of residence:
Motto: In the past: Bite until the doctor comes. Today: The main thing is long!
About me: For more than four decades in cycling, I believe I have seen many, but by no means all facets of this sport. Everything is in flux, everything continues to develop. Cycling is like breathing for me. Even though my speed is waning, I still try to do my best. And ultimately, cycling is a big family with long-standing and always new members.
Socials: FB

Katharina Garus

Name: Katharina Garus
Place of residence: Cologne
Motto: Sun on your nose, wind in your hair - on two wheels, all year round
About me: For me, the happiness of this earth lies between 23 (old school, I know) and 45 mm. That fits everything between a fast road criterium, Grand Fondo Race, cyclocross mud fight, gravel adventure and bikepacking tour. Plus a curved handlebar - that's (almost) all I need to be happy.
Socials: FB

Georg Keutzer

Name: Georg Keutzer
Place of residence: Aachen
Motto: Keep going, keep going.
About me: Positively mad about bikes, whether fan, rider or mechanic. Everything interests and fascinates me equally. Whether I'm on a road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike, I'm up for any challenge and enjoy pushing myself to my limits
Socials: Insta

Thorsten Kühnle

Name: Thorsten Kühnle
Place of residence: Aachen
Motto: More is always possible
About me: I'll never be done with cycling. Cycling is so incredibly versatile and multifaceted: sometimes short and crisp, sometimes calming and lengthy, sometimes intense and breathtaking. And although I've already had so many great experiences on my bike - I'm still not running out of ideas.
Socials: FB, Insta

Mario Lisok

Name: Mario Lisok
Place of residence: Eschweiler
Motto: take it easy and ride comfortably...
About me: In addition to road cycling and the associated competitions and races (Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands), I have always enjoyed riding off-road in the forest and off-road.
Off the beaten track in nature has become increasingly important to me in recent years. Hence, among other things, my passion for riding gravel bikes in particular, usually with colleagues here in the surrounding area. I can "switch off" very well, especially in the quiet surroundings of the forest/nature.
In the past, I've mainly only ridden off-road in the fall and spring, but I want to change that in the future.

(Kris) Tina Nellißen

Name: (Kris) Tina Nellißen
Place of residence: Cologne
Motto: If you give up today, you will never know if you would have made it tomorrow!
About me: I have had a love of cycling since I was a child. As a two-time German runner-up in the youth championships and a member of the German national team for several years, I have experienced wonderful times in cycling. After my active time, I have always remained loyal to cycling and, having rediscovered my desire to compete in 2023, I am looking for new challenges.

Kristina Schaaff

Name: Kristina Schaaff
Place of residence: Aachen
Motto: Coffee first 🙂
About me: I've lived in Aachen since 2015 and only discovered my love of cycling here. And it was only through my love of cycling that I realized how beautiful the region is here. I generally prefer to travel long distances rather than short ones and am always amazed at what there is to discover.
Socials: Insta

Stephan Wemmel

Name: Stephan Wemmel
Place of residence: Geilenkirchen
Motto: Out where the streets have no name
About me: I've done a lot of sport all my life, but I only started cycling relatively late in 2016. But it quickly became my favorite sport. Living in the border triangle, I'm usually drawn towards Heuvelland or the Ardennes on my tours. I bought a gravel bike in 2021 and have almost preferred riding gravel ever since, because you can immerse yourself more deeply in nature without the stress of cars and traffic, and you're not so limited when it comes to choosing routes. I took part in a few races last year and am motivated to get going in 2024.
Socials: Insta

Training from the master: Stefan Kirchmair coaches the team

Won the L'Étape du Tour race in 2022: Stefan Kirchmair (Photo: A.S.O.)

I was born in Tyrol, a passionate road cyclist, and was very successful in the U23 and elite categories, and was also under contract with a continental team for a while.

I started my coaching career back in 2013 (A license for road bikes, mountain bikes, track bikes). In addition to numerous successes in cycling marathons / granfondos (including L'Étape du Tour de France, Ötztaler Radmarathon, Dreiländergiro, Tour Transalp), I was able to crown my consistently very successful 2022 season with the UCI Gran Fondo World Series title and also secure the European Championship title in Verona in 2023. I have also been active in the eCycling sector with my community since 2018.

All of the athletes I coach benefit from my know-how from many years of experience as a racer as well as from the experience I have gained from racing and coaching my coachees.

More information about Kirchmair Cycling on Instagram, Facebook, Strava.

In addition, 3RIDES participants can have exclusive training plans drawn up by Stefan. More about Stefan's offer:

Photos: Sportograf, L'Étape du Tour de France, UCI Granfondo World Series

The roving reporter: Philip Siebert

As a passionate cyclist, I enjoy getting out into nature and exploring new places by bike. My role as editor allows me to share my enthusiasm for cycling with others, highlighting the fascination and challenges of this wonderful sport.

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