3RIDES is the organizer of the German qualifying race for the Gran Fondo World Championship 2024. The race on Sunday, May 12 is the part UCI Gran Fondo World Series, which is now held for the first time in Germany. For the participants it goes from Aachen on a large and demanding loop over 110 - or 140 kilometers in the Eifel. Anyone who is interested can join us!

The race course in the northern Eifel is very demanding with 1,900 meters of elevation gain over 120 km.

The 3RIDES Gran Fondo is held as part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series and is open to licensed amateurs and unlicensed amateur athletes who have started the age of 19.

The course will be partially closed like in a professional road race, i.e. riders who are hopelessly behind in the race can finish the course, but must follow the STVO.

Practical information for the UCI Gran Fondo race


Each participant receives an attractive starter package for the entry fee of 45 euros:

  • 3RIDES merchandising articles
  • Perfectly signposted track and closed off race track
  • Professional timekeeping
  • Downloadable GPX track
  • Official refreshment station on the route
  • Technical service on the track
  • Medical service on the line
  • Medal for each finisher incl. Certificate with result and driving time
  • UCI medal for the top 25% of each age category
  • UCI Gran Fondo World Series jersey for each winner in his age category
  • Sportograf photo service: Click here
  • Guarded bicycle parking
  • Bike-Wash

Start of the race: 07.00 am

Each participant will be assigned a starting block in the respective age group with the accreditation. He/she must start the race from this starting block. Each participant is obliged to be in his/her starting block at least 15 minutes before the start of the race. The signposted entrances are to be used. There is no ranking within a starting block. Participants who arrive first at the starting block must line up at the front within the starting block so that following participants can move up and the entrance area of the starting block remains free. It is not allowed to enter the starting block via barrier fences and/or to push your way forward.


Saturday, May 11, 2024, 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday, May 12, 2024, 05:00 - 06:00 (emergency)

The starting documents will be issued upon presentation of an official ID + medical certificate or the racing license. If the participant is prevented, he/she must ensure that the starting documents are collected by a person authorized in writing.

Each participant is obligated to satisfy him/herself of the correctness of the recorded data when collecting the participant documents. Corrections can only be made by the 3RIDES Orga Team until the end of the race number distribution. There is no entitlement to a subsequent change/correction.


07:00 Start group 1
Age group 19 - 34 (men & women)

7:02 Start group 2
Age group 35 - 39 (men & women)
Age group 40 - 44 (men & women)

07:04 Start group 3
Age group 44 - 49 (men & women)
Age group 50 - 54 (men)
Age group 55 - 59 (men)

07:06 Start group 4
Age group 50 - 64 (women)
Age group 60 - 79 (men)

The first 7 kilometers through the city of Aachen will be ridden neutralized by all starting groups. A flying start then takes place.


The start lists can be viewed here.


All age groups ride one lap (120km).

The corresponding GPX track can be downloaded here after successful registration with our partner Outdooractive.


Participation costs 75 euros for all distances.

Riders Guide

Please download all rules and conditions of participation here.

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