On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will meet up for a skills course, riding technique training and balance bike races - lots of fun and action awaits the little bike fans in the Kids Area!

Our event this year is not only particularly sporty. We will continue to drive forward our claim to be the most versatile cycling event in Europe. In 2024, we will be demonstrating this with a three-day programme that we are organizing together with the city of Aachen, the NRW Cycling Association, the German Cycling Federation and ex-cross world champion Mike Kluge. On all three days of the 3RIDES, we and our partners offer very practical, fun and educational experiences for children, families, e-bike riders and talented riders.

For younger children on balance bikes and of primary school age, the BDR organizes a cycling diploma program. The young participants learn when bikes are safe, how to brake well, how to control the bike and how to keep going for a kilometer. These courses run continuously between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

At these times, the NRW regional association also organizes the VeloTiade for slightly older children aged eight to 14. The participants complete exciting challenges on the course and in the sprint.

On Friday, May 10, at 5 p.m., former cross world champion Mike Kluge will be offering a technical special together with club trainers from RC Zugvogel Aachen.

The following applies to the entire program: If possible, bring your own bikes and helmets. This is always the best way to practise 😊 However, rental equipment will also be available.

And so that the parents can also relax in the meantime: Trained professionals accompany the little ones on their adventures.

On Saturday and Sunday, Mike Kluge will explain the basics that are important for e-bikers. It is about the function of e-bikes, safe maneuvering and orientation with e-bikes in traffic. Kluge will also be getting on a cargo bike - together with the city of Aachen, he is offering a cargo bike test course at 3RIDES.

Details to be announced.

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