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Anyone who wants to develop and experience great things will now find support at 3RIDES from the passionate racing cyclist Meli Abt. The cycling enthusiast from Switzerland will help you prepare for your milestones. In a women's online workshop on March 19, she will share tips for the first 100 kilometers in a relaxed atmosphere and will be available to answer your questions.

Find out what you can learn from her here. And mark this opportunity for yourself: at 3RIDES, she will be happy to take you to the Women's Rides in the border triangle on Saturday and Sunday.

There is certainly a lot to think about when you want to reach the 100 kilometer mark on your bike for the first time, whether at an event, in a group or alone. This text is intended to give you a few tips so that you can look forward to your first 100-kilometer ride.

Each of us has a different background story, so the first 100 kilometers have a different meaning for everyone. First of all, however, you need a road bike that you feel comfortable on. Because you will spend four hours or more in the saddle. Many factors such as altitude and training condition play a role here.


Nutrition is an often underestimated aspect. It is important to find out beforehand what you like and what tastes good. Eating regularly is crucial! Various energy bars, homemade snacks or simply gummy bears can be an option. It is important to test this on rides beforehand. At organized events, it is advisable to find out about the products on offer and test them in advance, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.


Who doesn't know it? A new outfit would be tempting for a special occasion. Choosing the right clothing is also crucial. It is important to wear them beforehand. The bib shorts should not cause any problems. Find out about the weather for the day and adjust your clothing accordingly. A wind or rain jacket can be particularly useful in unpredictable weather. Go ahead and test it. Once you've been cold, you'll hardly get rid of it for the rest of the trip.


Training is an integral part of the preparation for the first 100 kilometers. However, this does not necessarily require a strict training plan, as regular riding is enough to improve your endurance and riding skills. Plan longer rides to prepare yourself for the distance. And if your event starts early in the morning but you are generally out and about later, it also makes sense to practise this a few times beforehand.


Test everything you need on the day of the 100 kilometers in advance on your tours. Avoid making short-term changes to your road bike, as this can quickly lead to pain. It is also advisable to ride in a group before the event. This way you will learn the hand signals and won't be stressed when other riders are suddenly around you and possibly overtake you.

On the day of the first 100 kilometers:

Start the day with a balanced breakfast about 2 hours beforehand, even if you don't feel like eating due to nervousness. Start slowly and keep your own pace. When doubts or difficulties arise, think positively and remind yourself that you can be proud of yourself. The most important thing for your first 100 kilometers: Have fun!

Ride with Meli Abt on the Women's Rides at 3RIDES. Registration will open shortly.

And this is Meli Abt

My name is Meli Abt and a few years ago I discovered road cycling after a forced break from running. This passion has had a firm grip on me ever since, and instead of running shoes I now have two racing bikes and a gravel bike in my apartment. During the day, I work as an office gumshoe and study on the side. But in my free time, I prefer to get on the saddle and explore long tours and mountain passes. When I'm not on the road, I often find myself tinkering with my bikes or catching up on the latest trends in cycling.

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